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Year km/hr Price (ex VAT) Company Country
Bonfiglioli 3500L-2SI 2006 - - SPAIN
Bonfiglioli 6400 1999 - - SPAIN
Bonfiglioli 7500 1999 - - SPAIN
Bonfiglioli 7600 1999 - - SPAIN
Bonfiglioli 10200L 1999 - - SPAIN
Bonfiglioli 7500/2S + VERRICELLO 7500/2S + VERRICELLO truck part 1990 - - ITALY
Bonfiglioli XL 10500/2S XL 10500/2S truck part 1995 - - ITALY
Bonfiglioli 12500/2S+JIB/2S 12500/2S+JIB/2S truck part - - - ITALY
Bonfiglioli 30500/4S+JIB/4S 30500/4S+JIB/4S truck part 2004 - - ITALY
Bonfiglioli Z.8800.0 truck part 1990 - - ITALY
Bonfiglioli P7500L truck part 1990 - - ITALY

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