Forklift Electric forklift
3-Wheel Counterbalanced AC Electric Forklift Truck Capacity 1.5T
3-Wheel Counterbalanced AC Electric Forklift Truck Capacity 1500kg
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This outstanding range of three wheeled AC electric forklift trucks offers a comprehensive selection of specifications to meet the hugely varying requirements of every type of industrial and commercial application. From dock to stock, three-wheel sit-down counterbalanced forklift trucks give your operators unmatched confidence and meet your specific materials handling requirements.

1. Low battery layout to make the 3 wheel AC electric forklift have low center of gravity and better stability;
2. Full hydraulic power-assisted steering system to make the forklift truck extremely easy to steer and energy saving;
3. Safety control for cornering, the electric pallet stacker will automatically slow down when cornering;
4. Regenerative braking function to increase the working hour of the 3-wheeled forklift;
5. Integrated frame with better strength and rigidity to make the forklifts more durable;
6. Full AC technology to make the 3-wheeled counterbalanced forklift more efficient and reliable;
7. Ergonomic design to make the forklift truck have comfortable soft seat, spacious cab and wide view.
Power Type: Electric
Operation Type: Seated
Rated Load Capacity: 1500kg
Load Center: 500mm
Front/Rear Wheel (Tyre) Type: Pneumatic/Solid
Front Wheel (Tyre): 18X7-8-16PR
Front Rim: 4.33R-8
Rear Wheel (Tyre): 15X4.5-8
Rear Rim: 3.00D-8
Number of Wheels, Front/Rear (X = Driving): 2X / 2
Mast Tilt Angle (Forward/Backward): 6/7deg.
Standard Lifting Height: 3000mm
Height of Mast Lowered: 2092mm
Height of Mast Extended: 3587mm
Height of Mast Extended (with Backrest): 4006mm
Height of Overhead Guard: 2050mm
Height from Seat to Overhead Guard: 918mm
Ground Clearance, below Mast: 142mm
Ground Clearance, Center of Wheelbase: 95mm
Overall Length: 3020mm
Length to Fork Face: 1720mm
Wheelbase: 1340mm
Front Overhang: 380mm
Overall Width: 1110/1066mm
Front/Rear Wheel Tread: 940/170mm
Fork Dimensions (L*W*T): 1070*100*35mm
Fork Spread: 220~1040mm
Aisle Width with 1000*1200 across Forks Pallet: 3300mm
Aisle Width with 800*1200 along Forks Pallet: 3120mm
Min. Turning Radius: 1600mm
Max. Travel Speed (Full-load/No-load): 11.2/14km/h
Drive Motor: 4.5kW (AC) X2
Lift Motor: 8.6kW (DC)
Battery: 48V/480Ah
Battery Weight: 795kg
Service Weight (with Battery): 2973kg
Type of Steering: Hydraulic
Service Brake: Hydraulic
Parking Brake: Mechanical
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