Machinery equipment Grapple
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Functions and Applications:
Ideal Use: Moving and manipulating large logs and other similar objects.
Designed and tested under severe working conditions in the heaviest logging mill applications. This log grapple is a time-proven winner for the unloading, yarding, sorting, and movement of tree-length or logs.
Optionally equipped with grabs or grapples of different specifications, the log grapples can be used in wharf, waste disposal plants, quarries and scrap steel factories, especially applicable for treatment of scrap metals, loading/unloading and carrying of rocks, trees, logs, debris, lumber and timber.

1. Rotating tines provide safe grip, 1, 2 or more rotating tines available
2. 65-75 degree rotation of tines
3. Tines are positioned to be able to grab various shapes securely
4. Twin hydraulic cylinders
5. Can be customized to your specific needs

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Mode LG001
Width: 670mm; Length: 980mm; Height (Closed): 760mm; Tine Length: 550mm; Rotating of Tine: 65deg.; SW L: 600kg; Weight: 240kg
Model LG002
Width: 820mm; Length: 1300mm; Height (Closed): 950mm; Tine Length: 700mm; Rotating of Tine: 70deg.; SWL: 800-1200kg; Weight: 380kg
Model LG003
Width: 950mm; Length: 1400-1500mm; Height (Closed): 1000mm; Tine Length: 800mm; Rotating of Tine: 70deg.; SWL: 1500kg; Weight: 400kg
Model LG004
Width: 1050mm; Length: 1500mm; Height (Closed): 1050mm; Tine Length: 900mm; Rotating of Tine: 75deg.; SWL: 1800-2000kg; Weight: 450kg
Number of Tines:
Number of Upper Tine/Lower Tine: 1 A-shaped tine/ 2
Number of Upper Tine/Lower Tine: 2/2
Number of Upper Tine/Lower Tine: 2/4
Number of Upper Tine/Lower Tine: 3/4
Other types of tines are available upon request.

We have log grapple of various specifications that can meet your different application or loader needs. Any specifications and designs are available upon request.
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