Machinery equipment Grapple
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Functions & Applications
This oil drum grapple/drum grab/barrel clamps is used in the plants and warehouses with large transporting capacity to carry or load products filled in drums or barrels. They are especially applied in the high-density warehouses and the production lines using drum or barrel as cargo package put on pallet or two-way roller assembly line.
Farmers and other agricultural professionals can appreciate the increased productivity of a wheel loader with the addition of this bale mover implement. Whether you're moving a round, square, or wrapped bale, you are sure to find the bale mover that is right for you. The bale squeeze is excellent for wrapped bales.

1. This drum grab is designed in purely mechanical structure, it can automatically carry 1, 2, 3 or 4 drums, and it can carry steel drum, plastic drum and fiber drum;
2. This barrel grapple can handle steel barrels, plastic barrels, fiber barrels and open top drums. Equipped on ZL06F mini wheel loader, it can load and unload cargos packaged in drums in narrow spaces like containers, which can greatly improve space utilization.
3. Lift, move and stack round or rectangular bales, drums or barrels
4. Ideal for moving silage bags
5. Move wrapped bales without damage

We have bale clamps of various specifications that can meet your different capacity needs. Any capacity, arm size, frame size, color and design are available upon request.
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